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Ms. Faith Mabera

Senior Researcher

Ms Faith Mabera is currently a senior researcher at the Institute for Global Dialogue. Ms Mabera holds an an MA (cum laude) in International Relations from the University of Pretoria. Her research interest include foreign policy analysis, regional and international peace and security issues, norms dynamics in international relations, political and security risk analysis and global governance. In addition to contributing to several peer-reviewed journals and book editions, she is a regular commentator on  international and local media covering foreign policy issues, geopolitical trends, and international relations across Africa and the globe. Ms Mabera is also the creator, producer and host of the Strategic Dialogues podcast, which focuses on topical issues relevant to international relations, global governance and geopolitics. Some of her recent publications include a chapter on ‘South Africa’s defence diplomacy strategy: an appraisal of a viable instrument of foreign and security policy,’ in South African Foreign Policy Review Vol. 4, and a policy brief entitled ‘Enhancing the multilateral utility of regions in a pluralist, multi-order international order,’ published by the Southern Voice.

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