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Ms. Arina Muresan


Ms. Arina Muresan is a Senior Researcher and Project Manager, she leads on the IGD’s flagship project “South Africa in the World”. Her research interests include foreign policy, perception studies linked to public diplomacy and nation branding, as well as geopolitical risk analysis with a focus on Africa, the BRICS and other emerging markets. In research and advocacy support she also continues to engage civil society and labour networks in the internationalisation of agendas and interests of South Africans. Her recent publications include: (2023) ‘BRICS immigration policies and visa regimes, strategic cooperation for a future BRICS African agenda’,’Polylateralism and diplomacy in Africa’s International Partnerships’, ‘Economic Diplomacy and the African Continental Free Trade Agreement: Challenges and Prospects’, (2022) ‘South African engagement in club governance: A boon for economic diplomacy’, (2021) ‘Seeking African Agency in Global Clubs’, ‘Chinese and South African Labour Relations: An Analysis’, ‘Shaping the Future of Multilateralism: Could SA spurred on by Covid-19, drive more equitable global trade norms?’, (2020) ‘Overcoming bureaucratic and institutional challenges in South African foreign policy making’, (2019) ‘ South Africa’s image in Africa and its impact on its Africa-BRICS relationships’, (2018) ‘African First Ladies, Politics and the State’

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