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The following dialogue seeks to analyse the historical and contemporary role of the African National Congress (ANC) in shaping South Africa’s international relations. It comes at an opportune moment with the Party going into a National Policy Conference (NPC) at the end of July 2022. The ANC’s approach to international relations has largely centred on the concept of progressive internationalism and solidarity, outlined its recent discussion paper titled In Pursuit of Progressive Internationalism in a Changing World. However, beyond the Party and its Alliance Partners these concepts remain little understood, with some questioning their relevance in an evolving international landscape witnessing various disruptions in the global North and South. Whilst some trends may in fact enhance the conditions of implementing the Party’s resolutions, other changes pose challenges and even a concerted backlash towards the adoption and implementation of certain policies.

The following dialogue, with the participation of members of the ANC International Relations Sub-Committee, invites multiple stakeholders to provide their views (written or verbal) and reflections on the ANC’s recent international relations discussion document. Participants will include members of civil society, think tanks, academia, business, labour, foundations, the diplomatic corps, and other stakeholders in the international relations community. It seeks to create and sustain dialogue with stakeholders in the various tracks of diplomacy, policy, advocacy and communications. The resulting discussion and inputs will be sent for consideration to decision making structures preparing for the upcoming National Policy Conference (NPC) of the ANC. This is especially important as discussions on South Africa’s national interest document continue to gather pace.

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Confirmed Speakers

Prof. Siphamandla Zondi – University of Johannesburg

Ms. Sanusha Naidu – Institute for Global Dialogue

Prof. Anthoni van Nieuwkerk - UNISA

Amb. Welile Nhlapo – Former National Security Advisor

Ms. Elizabeth Sidiropoulos - South African Institute of International Affairs

Amb. Lindiwe Zulu - ANC IR Sub-Committee Chair

Dr Philani Mthembu – Institute for Global Dialogue

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