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The Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD) & The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) South Africa

Cordially invite you to a dialogue titled

The G20 Osaka Summit: Japan’s delicate balancing of diplomacy-led and development-led engagement

Japan hosted the 2019 G20 presidency centred on three key priorities: (i) strengthening the international order for free and fair trade; (ii) establishing the Osaka Track for global data governance with a focus on the Data Free Flow with Trust and (iii) leveraging disruptive innovations to tackle global environmental challenges.

In addition to promoting strong, sustainable and balanced growth in the global economy, Japan also led the discussion on greater provision of global public goods such as quality infrastructure, global health as well as producing the Osaka update on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Osaka summit also emphasized multilateral, concerted solutions to global challenges such as climate change, marine plastic litter, corruption and migration.

A signature development of the Osaka summit was the inclusion of population aging on the G20 agenda for the first time, with leaders endorsing the G20 Fukuoka Policy Priorities on Aging and Financial Inclusion which highlighted the need for a re-orientation of fiscal, social protection and labour policies to respond to challenges posed by aging and other significant demographic changes.

In addition to Japan’s G20 presidency, this dialogue will also focus on the TICAD7 summit to be held in Yokohama in August 2019.

Date: Wednesday, 24 July 2019
Time: 09h00 for 09h30
Venue: Sierra Burgers Park Hotel, CNR Lilian Ngoyi and Minnaar Street, Pretoria
RSVP: Click here

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