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World is in crisis and SA part of it Zuma

Asked whether South Africa is in crisis, he said the world has been in crisis since 2008 and South Africa is part of it. In comparing South Africa’s performance with that of other countries in Africa, one has to keep in mind that other countries did not have to deal with the legacy of Apartheid, he said.

He said few other countries could have done what South Africa has done in the 21 years since its democracy, with policies aligned to the poor firmly in place. He said the country has good policies, but struggles with implementation.

“South Africa is a dynamic and open country. People can say what they want. People can dream and get up and say the country will fall, and it will be broadcast. It is not true. These are very complex challenges we are dealing with,” he said.

Zuma said government is committed to 5% economic growth in 2019 and last year’s 1.5% growth is some distance from that ambition. Despite the low global growth, economic growth in South Africa is expected to increase steadily to at least 3% over the next three years as electricity constraints are expected to ease.
The electricity deficit is currently costing the country 1% in economic growth, Zuma said.

He said the nine-point plan is the result of looking inward for growth opportunities.

Source: Money web/ Antoinette Slabbert
Available: http://www.moneyweb.co.za/news/economy/world-is-in-crisis-and-sa-part-of-it-zuma/ 

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