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by Institute for Global Dialogue


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by Institute for Global Dialogue


Since the onset of the 21st century, there has been an accelerated rise of non-western powers into the great power echelon of international politics and economic relations. Epitomized by the rise of China, India and Brazil, this trend is rapidly changing the strategic landscape of international relations.

 The IGD has long been tracking these developments in its Emerging Powers programme, the focus of which aims to:

  • Understand how emerging powers and related global South geopolitical-economic dynamics affect changing trends and developments in the field of diplomacy including impact on the decisions, policy options and strategies that South Africa and Africa as a whole need to deliberate on in shaping Africa’s agenda and priorities in international diplomacy and negotiations;

  • Address Africa’s strategic options in navigating the diplomacy of emerging powers and South-South/North-South relations;

  • Assess the implications of the rise of emerging powers for the prospects of reform in global governance.

The IGD has six major foci in its Emerging Powers programme, explored through various dialogues and engagements, policy briefs, reports and publications:

  • International balance of power

  • New Global South multilateralism

  • Global reform

  • Leveraging Africa’s interests

  • South Africa’s national interests

  • Inter-continental and inter-regional dynamics

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