GRULAC Film Festival

A festival celebrating Latin American and Caribbean cinema to share the values and diversity of Latin American and Caribbean cultures with the people of South Africa by showcasing a series of movies from 15 GRULAC countries.

It is an opportunity to discover more about the vibrant and diverse Latin American and Caribbean cultures through the films showcased at the festival that range from comedy, to contemporary and historical drama.

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Towards an African Policy on China

South Africa hosted the Johannesburg Summit and sixth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China and Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in December 2015. The event marked a decade and a half since the initiation of the FOCAC mechanism in 2000 and nearly a decade since the Beijing Summit of 2006. South Africa and China are the current co-chairs of the Forum for the period 2015-2018. South Africa seeks to consolidate the strategic Africa-China relationship often framed as a win-win relationship...

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African solutions to African problems: a viable solution towards a united, prosperous and peaceful Africa?

The African continent continues to face many complex challenges ranging from issues of governance, poor socioeconomic development within its borders to growing terror attacks from extremist groups. Given this context, Africa’s own insecurity is serving as a source of concern for not only the global community but also for African leaders. This growing concern is one of the contributing factors behind the phrase ‘African solutions to African problems’...

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Situating the Future of BRICS in Changing Global Dynamics - Report

With preparations for the 9th BRICS Summit under the Chinese Presidency in progress, question marks on the future of the BRICS are repeatedly raised. The following symposium, organised into a panel discussion, breakaway sessions, and plenary, sought to explore some of the future scenarios of the BRICS in changing global dynamics. It looked into existing power dynamics in the grouping, with Russia, China, and India vying for influence, while South Africa and Brazil seemingly lagging behind as they confront various domestic challenges.


Report: Symposium – High time for a common integrated African policy on China, 20 July 2017

The Africa-China Reporting Project, in partnership with the Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD) and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung hosted a Symposium at Wits University’s Senate Room on July 20 under the theme High time for a common integrated African policy on China.

China’s first policy towards Africa was released in 2006 and a second version was released in 2015, yet Africa remains without a common policy towards China...

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Boosting South Africa’s Economic Relations with the BRICS

South Africa has made concerted efforts in the past two decades to promote economic growth and address its triple domestic economic challenges of unemployment, inequality and poverty...


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In Focus
  • Russia and Iran: New strategic power alliance in Syria?

    by Negar Fayazi

    Russia and Iran’s unprecedented cooperation in the Syrian civil war to maintain Bashar al-Assad’s regime has captured the world’s attention. This pairing has undoubtedly had a significant impact in th...
  • South African branding and African perceptions: How will the promotion of BRICS fare?

    by Arina Muresan

    South Africa has a strategic role in promoting the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) partnership in Africa through its public diplomacy, the communication of a country’s foreign po...
  • Iranian influence in turbulent Syria

    by Negar Fayazi

    Iran’s regional ascendancy is largely enhanced by its involvement and actions in the Syrian civil war, as from 2011. Since 1979, the strategic alliance between Iran and Syria has had a momentous beari...
  • How can India stop Racism against Africans?

    by Pooja Jain

    In order to fight racism, we first need to acknowledge that it exists Not even a year has passed since Congolese resident M.K. Oliver was murdered that reprehensible attacks on African students in Ind...
  • Iran: An emerging power?

    by Negar Fayazi

    In contemporary International Relations (IR), new powers are emerging to contest the United States (US) primacy and bring about vital changes to the global arena. There has been a shift from a predomi...



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